Heirloom Apple Club 2018

What do you do when you grow over 100 varieties of apples? Share them with the world through the wildest apple club around.

For over 20 years, the Queener Farm has delivered the best heirloom apples to many of Portland’s top chefs – now you too can enjoy some of them. Our apple club will bring you either 8 sampler boxes that include 3-5lbs of the widest selection from our very best apples during our 20-week apple season. The other option is our family size boxes, these are 15lbs each, in seven deliveries and total over 100lbs for the season. The boxes arrive every other week during the heart of the apples season.

In 2016 Apple club members enjoyed 55  different varieties during the season, from the tangy but sweet centennial crabs to the rich and spicy Karmijn de Sonnaville. It’s a range of apple flavors you can’t get from a grocery store. We bring you the kind of apples people enjoyed before industrial agriculture bred them just for red skin and storage life. These are apples you never imagined, picked at their peak and delivered fresh to you.

Joining our apple club is easy: details are below. Just send us an email, use the paypal buttons or download the membership form and instructions

  • Sampler Box - the widest variety of apples in a small box, usually just one or two of each kind. Eight boxes with 3.5 to 5lbs in each. Arriving every other week of the season. This is for the apple connoisseur who wants to experience the fullest range of apple diversity we can supply. Includes cards for each apple variety so you can save them and remember your favorites. We anticipate these including 60-80 varieties over the season. $150 for the entire season. This price is for boxes picked up at one of our dropsites. We have dropsites in inner SE, NE, NW and SW Portland.

  • Family Boxmore than 40 apple varieties, 105 lbs in 7 deliveries of around 15lbs each. One every two weeks during the apple season. Depending on the weather in the spring this can start as early as late July or as late as late August. This box is best for families and those who cook with apples. It's a lot of apples, in a wide array of flavors. $260 for the entire season. 

Special Farm Pickup Price: Those who pick up boxes at the farm get both a 20% discount off regular price and the ability to get their box from our cooler almost anytime. Send us a note at Queenerfarm@gmail.com to get a special farm pickup priced invoice.

Convenient pickup sites: Boxes can be picked up at our drop sites in NE, SE, SW and NW Portland as well as in Eugene and Springfield.  More details of drop sites is below.

We offer door step drop off for an additional charge of between $55 and $85 depending on your location. This is one fee for the entire season.

How to join
: To ensure our members are close enough to our routes and have all the information they need before joining, we ask that you email us – subject line Apple Club.

Email: queenerfarm@gmail.com to get more information or download the membership form below.



Please check with us via email before adding door delivery.

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Portland Dropsites: There are four sites in the Portland area. Our favorite is at Know thy Food on 3434 SE Milwaukie. This is a Coop and they are just south of Powell Blvd. They are open until 7pm most days, the boxes stay in a cooler and members can get their boxes anytime they're open. We also have dropsites at Ned Ludd on MLK, and at members homes near 90th and Morrison in SW, in the NE area near 20th and 60th and in Wilsonville. Please feel free to email us for more details about Portland area pick ups.We also offer door delivery in Portland and the surrounding area. 

Eugene Dropsites: We have two dropsites, one on Mckinley street and one in Springfield. We also offer door delivery in Eugene

Salem area: We currently just offer door delivery in Salem and we encourage Salem members to consider farm pickup, as the farm is a short drive from town and our cooler means you can pick up anytime.

Independence Dropsite: Right in downtown Independence at Indy Commons 278 S Main street. Boxes arrive on Tuesday and can be picked up anytime the commons is open, 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday.

Farm pickup: Members who pick up at the farm get a 20% discount. The farm is at 40385 Queener Dr. Scio, OR 97374. While our address is Scio we are actually only about 1 mile south of Stayton. This puts us just about 10 miles east of Salem, Oregon. We're easy to get to. Members who pick up at the farm have the advantage of "anytime pickup". Once the boxes are ready, members are notified and the boxes are in the cooler. Members can then pickup anytime after that, even several days later. 

We encourage members from all areas to consider joining with a friend or neighbor and alternating farm pickup. This saves gas and means both parties get to take advantage of the farm pickup discount.

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